Centrally located in Germany, 5 massive excavator giants stand on a peninsula in the middle of Lake Gremmin, which covers the desert of an opencast mine. Then the gigantic arena , whose tension between music, light, nature and the steel relics ensures a unique atmosphere day and night and which not only pulls you into the middle of the action because of its thundering acoustics.

For the IRON DRIFT KING , the steel arena will have a custom-made 14,000 square meter racetrack. It takes almost a whole week to set up the racetrack. With concrete walls and safety fences according to Formula 1 standards, one of the most modern drift tracks in the world is built every year just for this one weekend.


Track type

Temporary race track



Track length

504 meters


4 including entry

Fastest entry

132 km/h (James Deane, 2019)

Clipping zones


Track design

Mathew Steele, Max Heidrich


Live Video Analysis


Before the start there is a warm-up zone in which all 4 tires of the drivers are warmed up to the correct core temperature. For the twin battle, the chaser positions himself to the left and the leader of the run to the right of the start.


Initiation into the drift takes place at up to 130 km/h in the direction of the concrete wall.

North Corner

From here it's up close and personal! The chaser must hang as close as possible to the leader in order to achieve important advantages with the judges.

Wall Ride

Timing is everything! Blinded by the tire smoke of the man in front, the chaser follows the leader almost blindly and needs extreme tact when changing before the curve in order not to land in the concrete wall.

West Corner

Final spurt! The chaser has to build up pressure again to finally convince the judges and spectators. And the motto for the leader is: Don't make any more mistakes in the last meters!